H Sector

New product of Luna.Com IT engineering is H SectorTM. Its task is to simplify the work of hotel workers as well as owners of motels.At your disposal there are a variety of advanced options that are easy to use.

It is important to point out that neither the restaurants nor bars are left out because H Sector is linked with POS Sector

H Sector can record maximum time of usage and the best prices during the reservation. Application like this, modern, simple and functional, makes the management a real pleasure. It allows the user switching between the profiles for viewing the status of the reservation in different rooms, it is also possible to monitor the entire floor in certain period of time.

H Sector will bring maximum usage and minimize the possibility of failure. Following the individual wishes of the customers and taking notes of their characters will help you to successfully continue to provide quality service to your customers. Data are protected with passwords to prevent unauthorized access. Application will store and secure all of your data.
Free demo version for download and other information about H-Sector view: h-sector.lunacom.ba