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Information System of Entrepreneur Registry – ISOR

Software solution developed especially for the Federal Ministry of Development, Entrepreneurship and Craft.

1. Organizational Concept for Entrepreneurship Registry

Running the entrepreneurship registry is mandatory according to the state act. Entrepreneurship registry is organized from registration departments within the local communities that has the juridistiction over the area of entrepreneurship, while the cantons are above those departments. Central entrepreneurship registry is above all registration departments and cantons and is within Federal Ministry of Development, Entrepreneurship and Craft. According to that we can set the organization structure of the entrepreneurship registry.

2. Aims of creating and implementing the ISOR

1. Lowering the costs (faster processing of data, automated processing, reliable and flexible analysis of the current data which affect the costs that are necessary to set and run the Entrepreneurship registry )
2. Raising the quality of the services provided to the citizens (data base is public and it also has impact on the overall lower costs and the quicker service for the citizens)
3. Setting of the flexible structure (ISOR is a open code structure, available for upgrades, orientated towards connection with similar systems, which results with longer duration, reliability, and affordability of the creation and implementation of the ISOR)
4. Speeding the processing as well as simplification of the issuing the permission for the specific craft.

3. Demands met with ISOR

Besides the demands specified by the State Act, ISOR has met the demands of technical nature as well:
1. System is adaptable to the network infrastructure of the registration departments. Number of registered departments within the local communities, cantons, entrepreneurship chambers of the cantons and federal ministries in which is needed to complete the implementation of the system is around 100. Every single one of those departments can have need for more than one application per client. If the registration office doesn’t posses the necessary network infrastructure (permanent internet connection), there is possibility of working within the local area network with temporary exchange of data with database of Central Entrepreneurship Registry and Canton Entrepreneurship Registry.

2. RDBMS – MS SQL Server database
It is reliable and very effective for running the databases. With this kind of development, we have gained the best possible relation between the price and maintenance and development of the ISOR.
3. Over the groups of data some privileges are defined for the different user usage. Solution consists of the tracking the users that are logged in the database. Administration of the users and privileges for the specific type of groups is simple and secure. Every change of data of any kind by the user is recorded with specific date and time of alteration.
4. System is built using the RAD (rapid application development) tools
( .NET, ...) which in turn allows much faster and affordable upgrades for the system.
System supports multiplatform environment (MS Windows, Linux...). System designer has delivered the source code of the solution, which leaves the Ministry with simplified procedure during the future upgrades. Number of permissions of the system which the Ministry will use will be unlimited and with that the cost of paying for the permission are avoided by the user.
5. Data analysis within ISOR allows fast and simple procedure during the quest for solutions over the database of ISOR. ISOR consists of wizard with whom the data are being filtered by the user to find a suitable solution, which is possible using the multidimensional presentation and possibility of filtration of data through multidimensional matrix of data.
6. Tracking the procedure and documents in the system is compliant with ISO 9001:2000 standard.

7. System isn’t built as standard document but is with compliance with State regulation of conducting the entrepreneurship registry.

8. User has the possibility to define the possible creators and cosigners of documents of all kinds.
By creating the document, application highlights the cosigners of the document its existence and defines the signing of the document as the task within the journal of the signer.
9. Beside the system there is a web solution. It has the possibility to allow the user to ask for permission to access the database in order to gain the permission to work and to view the data concerning the specific user within the entrepreneurship, as well as detailed information about the status of the entrepreneurship.
10. System has a module to access the data using the mobile phone technologies. That allows fast insight in the status of specific entrepreneurship, which in turn increases the effectiveness of other institutions that are conducting their work using the Entrepreneurship Registry, and they don’t poses the necessary hardware infrastructure to access the registry via the web (tax inspectors).
This module functions as a SMS and not as a WAP service.
11. Techical and logistical support for maintenance and implementation of the system is delivered by the system designer. System designer has signed an agreement to give educational support in using the application in the system to all the registration offices.
12. System allows connection with all patterns from the State regulatory act concerning the running the Entrepreneurship Registry.

4. Work conditions of ISOR

State Act defined the conditions that are required (nr.: 52/02, 29/03 i 11/05) for the permission to conduct the certain business and the issuing that permission.With compliance to the State Act, ones in charge of the area of entrepreneurship are registration offices. Procedures according to the State act, these offices have conducted in the manner of forms defined by the State Act, which is being printed by single printing house in charge for the entire area of Federation of BIH. Implementation of ISOR this process have been automated.
Interested parties, that fulfill all the conditions are requestin the permission to conduct a business within a specific area of entrepreneurship and they request permission to be signed in the ISOR from the local registration office. With the ISOR one doesn’t need to fill the forms which were required before, data that are input once are being distributed to all the necessary places and it creates Certificate from the Registry, which contains all the data about specific craft,
every new input of data is recorded by time record and user password and is being stored in database, all the data can be printed in the form required by the law and then be placed in archive, and based on that it forms permission for the registration in the Entrepreneurship Registry, as well as printed permission to conduct business for the small as well as large companies within the specified area of craft. In the system the last entry is always active, and all of alterations have been saved. Due to the fact that ISOR is in compliance with ISO 9001:2000 standard employees within these offices are monitored in a way in order to insure the effctivness of their work is on the top level. Local office is responsible for the distribution of data via the Net to the Canton Ministry. In this way the data are currant because they are sent on a daily basis.
Canton Ministry is sending the data every day to the Central Entrepreneurship Registry, in this way Federal Ministry can access these data at any moment, and these data are relevant for the entire area of Federation of BIH. Analytical value of ISOR is visible through the possibility of multiple analysis of data. Therefore it is possible to get the information in about the number of newly registered entrepreneurships, types and many other usefull information.
ISOR is equipped with SMS capability, which allows him to communicate through SMS. It means that the system can independently answer the request that was sent via the SMS (ID number of the craft, etc), by sending the answer via the SMS on the registered phone number from which the question was sent.