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Creation of the website

Due to the rapid progression of the Internet and the support technologies, today is a large number of companies that are in the business of creation of web sites

therefore it is of great importance to carefully chose the partner who will be able to produce quality in the process of creation of your website.

Usefull tips

1. Long term choice

Make sure that you are familiar with the company, how long that company is in the business, because of the competition which is rather hard, it is possible that the company, that you have chosen, may simply cease to exist. Long term presence on the market means that the company has managed to adapt and mastered development of technologies and it means that the company will be present in the future.

2. Number of employees in the company

There is a large number of companies in which a single person is employed. Such companies can’t plan the business and sooner rather than later the increase in business will lead such a company in a situation in which one or more tasks can’t be completed in time. Reduction of the work load represents the problem for such company and it creates a problem for you because you have to look for a new solution and the costs are likely to increase.

3. Education of the employees

On the market we’re witnessing increasing number of those who have gained their knowledge from reading the magazines, but the real knowledge lies in appropriate schools and universities. Creation of the web sites is not an easy job and a lack of education within the company assigned for creation and the maintenance of your website can have a negative influence on the image of your company.

4. Check the company’s references

5. Make sure you are familiar with the complexity of the work done by the company tasked fpr the creation of your website
If you are creating a rather complex website with multiple languages make sure that the company that is creating the site can anticipate the structure and technical completion cause the costs may increase significantly in later stages because of all the alterations that the site will require.
6. Check the visitation of the sites from the company tasked to create your website as well as the rate that that site has on web searchers
Sometimes it happens that certain sites do not appear on any of the searchers or that they are poorly rated, and in such cases money can’t be refunded.

7. Visual look of the site is important

Although the quality is dictated by the content of the site we must pay great attention o the look of the site as well, therefore check the looks of the sites created by the company that you are interested in hiring.

8. Avoid the companies with insufficient experience

Avoid the companies that are unable to estimate the costs of the website in addition to your needs, which means that they don’t possess enough experience. It is not necessary to avoid such a company but you have to accept the risks that go with the territory. Imagine what would happen if you call and nobody answers the phone and you are in dire need to alter something on the site.

9. Choose the quality

Choose the solution based on the quality of the service provided and not simply by the price of the costs because it can happen that the seemingly convenient investment completely fails.

10. Choose professionals

Amateur work can create an image that your company is amateur company in the eyes of the large clients..

11. Creation of the web application

If your web sites need the creation of the application as well than pay attention that the company that you have chosen has the capability to create such a web application.
On the market we can find companies that are using someone else’s solutions that they themselves don’t understand.
Within these applications there are certain problems and that company isn’t able to solve.




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