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Betting Office Solution

Betting office solution are part of the business secret of LunaCom-a , as well as the users of the software. Solutions are unique and are being made for each of the clients wishes and needs using the experiences of Luna Com team which has already worked on variety of projects.

More information via e-mail luna@lunacom.ba.

Betting Office Solution (application)
Besides the general items which are supported by this application (adding and alteration of states, leagues, sports, types of tournaments..) system is consisting out of six main parts:
- Administrative part (arranging of pairs and quotes, processing the profit)
- Monitoring (tracking of the current status of the betting office in certain time period)
- Alarms (notifications of similar payments, stopping the payments of critical tickets, blocking the pairs in each of the betting offices )
- User part (application for the terminals)
- Website, which allows the betting, user registration, ticket archive, scores, and is connected with entire system
- Licence of all applications necessary for the proper work of the entire system(including windows) on user computers (without server licence)

Administrative Part
With the support of administrative system it is possible to control the entire system and alter it. System receives offers concerning the new events and alterations of the existing via the automated services. Besides the offers it is possible to add events manually. It is possible to correct all the events as well as creation of specific offers for those events. According to the basic features of the system (which can be adjusted to the individual desires of the customer) all the events received from the outer service are not published automatically, they need to be checked and then they can be published as actual offers. All of informations regarding the offers, as well as processing those offers are being recorded in system logs in order to avoid any mistakes, and if those mistakes are to happen than information can be altered.
Monitoring serves for the overview of the reports in certain time period : Some of the reports in the system are :
- number of paid tickets
- number of repaid tickets
- overall profit
- proffit per office
- curent status
- amount of money paid on certain event
- Daily winning tickets
Alarms are key elements of the entire system and they are used to control the payments. Alarms have filters that can be adjusted and they are the basis on which the payments are being controlled. Some of the filters can be : maximum payment per ticket, maximum payment on the same or similar tickets, maximum quota per ticket…
User Part
There are two versions of the user part of the system, betting on different terminals and system adapted to the betting office.

Website as the part of the system allows the users online betting (via the credit cards) and the creation of tickets with special number, with whom player goes to the betting office and receives appropriate ticket.
Some Features of the Website :
• Offer display (for certain day of the week, entire offer, weekly offer)
• Results (for certain day of the week, entire offer, weekly offer)
• Ticket – Adding or erasing the pairs, system ticket, generating the security number for betting in the offices
• Users - Registration – Profile creation
• Registred Users : Ticket archive, Active tickets with results, Ticket chekup
• News – News display + connection with certain event for the purpose of easy betting
• Stationars posts – Display of remaining information
• Administration banner
• Video news (top goal, etc – connection with youtube )