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Web Max CMS

Reaction speed, price of publication and wide spread internet use have made web one of the main marketing tools for a modern company. New products, actions public announcements are being made at least once a month or very often on a daily basis. With Web Max we can guarantee quick publication of prepared information.

Buyers are interested in information about the products and services of a certain company, employees need information necessary for everyday work, investors need information about business results and structure of the company. Therefore every website must comply with two basic function :
- It has to allow the visitor in successful finding of the required information
- To ensure that the information are current

Web mastering without administration of IT experts and designers
Traditional way of managing the website requires involvement of three parties in the process of alteration of website: marketing/PR department prepares the material that needs to be published, after that IT experts and designers are adjusting the site to the newly added information. Marketing department checks it out one more time, and the cycle repeats until the final result. Flaws of such an approach are time of implementation which is measurable in days instead of hours as well as costs of outside services of the IT staff and designers. With CMS Web Max information are run exclusively by the their authors, shortening the time needed for their publication and cutting the costs and keeping the full control over the punctuality of the published materials.

Choose the Web Max according to your needs
Web Max is available in two versions, dependent on the size of the company and the complexity of the system for monitoring the information which needs to be changed. All the necessary information are available via the mail: luna@lunacom.ba