About us

Luna Com d.o.o. is founded in 2002 with purpose of providing the IT services for small, medium size and large business systems, who would love to have well designed concept for long term progress in the IT sense,

to ensure permanent support for their businesses, executive decisions as well as expanding the image of the company in the business environment. During the time that we have been working in the IT business we have noticed that :


Development of the IT system is uncoordinated, unplanned, and is been done based on the need to solve current issues instead of focusing on long term solutions, and therefore it is totally ineffective.
- IT development is formed on the basis of the current offers from the distributors and not on the need of the customers.

- IT equipment in time becomes unreliable as well as uncoordinated, resulting in the fact that neither equipment nor the software backup aren’t in compliance with the expectations of the customers, and the often represent difficult obstacles, which results with increase of costs, time as well as money.
- Funds invested in the project has not brought the results, and therefore a sense of frustration becomes apparent
That help is manifested in :
- Basic need for the IT infrastructure and the initiative for their acquirement, overall concern regarding the IT development is left solely to the suppliers, because the investors usually isn’t capable to oversee it, because of lack of experts in that area, and therefore is unable to keep track of the expenditure of funds which are rather significant.

Therefore we have created this company to give the customers a sense of direction, regarding the IT development of their companies, especially for those who doesn’t poses the teams of people capable supporting such technologies. Today we see that it is very hard for the company without the IT support to conduct their businesses.
We are trying to recognize the needs of our customer, and together with them to create development policy and dynamics of creation of IT system so that it can offer quality support to their businesses.
That help is manifested through constant presence in everyday work and investments made to acquire equipment necessary to develop high quality IT system which will improve their businesses and help them to make the right choices, making the plan of acquirement of IT equipment, support in making the right choices regarding the company tasked to acquire that equipment for you, taking care including the maintenance of that IT system, offering the professional Product i Project Management during the process of creating the new projects, functional link between the existing as well as new equipment – servers and clients, multiple location computer networks using the infrastructure at hand - internet, technology such as VPN (Virtual Private Network) etc.
Security of the data on the basis of 24/7/365,
Security of data from any loss or destruction by implementing SAN i NAS infrastructure - Storage Area Network i Network Attached Storage, EMC Symmetrix DMX1000-3000, DMX 3, Clariion, Centera systems for data storage, EMC Brocade, McData, CISCO FC (switches), architecture configurenment SAN i NAS networks, planning and supervision of installation process. Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery planning,
Virtualisation (EMC VMware) as the newest achievement in IT development and a step to more effective usage of IT equipment – existing as well as newly acquired, web marketing.

Special announcement:
All of our services are fully capable to operate in the area of Outsourcing, regarding the areas of managing IT system, marketing & web