Special attention is paid to the post installation period (when the application is being used for the first few times) and we offer support during the period of using the software that we have created as well as support for the websites that we created.

Available support

We offer several packages to the customers :

• Limited number of requests regarding the technical nature
• Proactive maintenance of the system
• Planning of the development and improving the system
• Education of employees
• We offer support in case of any problem

For the clients that have signed an agreement regarding the maintenance, the can contact us via link: http://www.lunacom.ba , or via the Luna Com system of maintenance that is situated on our website
( link: http://www.lunacom.ba ) with passwords and of course high priority access.

For the most demanding there is a possibility of service 24 hours, 7 day a week

Complete document with our terms of support is sent by e-mail on request.
Request can be submitted via support@lunacom.ba

Other terms can be specified according to your needs

How to submit the request for technical support :


Request is submitted following the steps below :

1. Using the website http://www.lunacom.ba (if your contract includes this option) and submission of all the data required

2. Sending the fax : phone (036) 325 246 or e-mail using support@lunacom.ba with the following content :

a. Title “ Department for technical support “

b. Personal data :

• Company name

• Phone

• Fax

• Email

c. Other data :

• Short description of the problem – necessary

• Product name – necessary

• Product version – not necessary

• Detailed description of the problem – necessary

• Notes and notifications for the technical staff of the Department – not necessary

3. Contacting us by phone (036) 325 236, report the problem. This option is used if none of the options abowe works (emergency, outside location…)

Reference :

We know that every intervention is a part of some business process, we request that the malfunction reported by phone have reports type 1 or type 2, they can be submitted after the problem is solved

For the customers without contract, maximum period that they will have to wait is 7 days after their request is submitted.

Helpdesk – all the requests related for the usage of our products

To ensure that our customers can receive the best possible help, we have created specialized Helpdesk system. You can direct all of the questions that you might have regarding the functionality and the usage of our product. This Helpdesk doesn’t serve for the technical support. That is separate service as it was mentioned in the text above.

Lunacom helpdesk - http://www.lunacom.ba